Le Hott, Lanslebourg Mont Cenis


🌏 RD1006 - Mont Cenis, 73480 Lanslebourg Mont Cenis, Val-Cenis France (View map)

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Image Le Hott, Lanslebourg Mont Cenis

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 02-09-2014

Worth the trip

The restaurant is located above the lake, great view from the terrasse. Friendly service from the young couple who own the place. The food is traditional, set menus are reasonably priced for the area. The Beaufort crème brulee with ham was great and tasty. The goat cheese salad plentifyl. The diots (local sausages) with polenta of my neighbours looked great. the cote de porc savoyarde just fabulous. Portions are of good size. cheeses are from the farm below and the tarts and cakes homemade. A place to stop when visiting the Cold du Mont Cenis

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