Sweet Drink Bar Pasticceria, Caldana


🌏 Via 4 Novembre 2, 58023 Caldana Italy (View map)

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About us

Lounge Bar , Pastry , open every day except Wednesday. Spacious interiors and exteriors , tasting pastries craft created by the hands of chef Eleonora Cati . A place where you can spend happy hours for you and your children . The aperitif to dinner and ’ characterized by a varied buffet included in the price of drinks and cocktails prepared by the expert hands of our Barmans Alessio and Igor . Service delivery pies and cakes for special events ( weddings , birthdays etc ... ) . Wi - fi free , Music , Karaoke , Darts , Foosball etc ... Add that ... COME !!!
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πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 16-06-2017

The focal point of Caldana

This is not only a bar, this where everything happens. Go there as often as you can, make an effort to meet the local people. They are exceptionally nice and friendly. Just a wonderful place.

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